Since 1883, Wagner College has been an anchor for thousands of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We are bound together by the transformative experiences that chart the course for the rest of our lives. In the classroom, when "aha" moments happen, on Sutter Oval, where we find belonging, during the game, when we triumph together, on-stage and in the studio, when we find our voice, and in our residence halls, where we live and grow together.

The Wagner community has strong ties that bring us together. Become an anchor for Wagner's future and make an impact today. By making a gift on Wagner's Day of Giving, you'll help to ensure that more transformational moments happen. Every day. Starting with this one.

Today, your gift will have double the impact. If we reach 1,000 donors by the end of the day we'll receive an additional $500,000 gift that has been posed as part of a collective matching gift challenge by members of our alumni community and Board of Trustees. Make your gift today to become an anchor for Wagner's future. Then spread the word any way you can.

If you wish to give to a specific campaign not listed above, please visit or to make your gift online or contact Kaitlin Girton at, or 718-420-4551.